About the company

Phionyx & Acfe Ltd  is an Engineering Services Consultancy Company incorporated under the Laws of Ghana  to provide multidisciplinary Engineering Services to the public. Our team has a combined experience of more than 30 years of experience in providing engineering solutions at various levels of practice. We also work with qualified  and licensed professionals from sister disciplines to ensure that we  are providing the best services to our clients.  The company is registered under the Ghana Engineering Council Act 2011, Act 819 . We are proud Tax payers with the  desire to give quality services to our  clients.

Our Services

-General Engineering Consultancy including,
– Engineering Training and Policy Research.
-Aerospace Engineering Services,
– ISO 90001 Quality Management System Training and Implementation,
-Complete Architectural Services,
– Community Roads and Highway Construction
– Transportation Engineering Systems and Fleet Management.
– Automobile Engineering Services,
– Home and Industrial Security Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things.
– Equipment Supplies and Installations

Our Philosophy

We believe that engineering is professional problem solving and should be made accessible and available to everyone. We provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions  that make you comfortable  while protecting the environment.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to bring the best practices in  professional engineering services to our society and   homes.

Our Vision

To become a World Class Engineering Consulting Company from Ghana with well motivated professional engineering practitioners, offering value to our clients and the world.

Phionyx & Acfe Quality Policy


Phionyx & Acfe Ltd  is committed to:


  • Providing customers with high quality services and installations which meet requirements and are fit for their purpose.
  • Operating the business to the systems required by ISO 9001: 2015.
  • Enhancing the skills of management and staff through review and actively pursuing an on-going training policy, the objective of which is to prepare staff to perform their work more effectively.
  • Promoting the learning organization culture and continual quality improvements as well as going above and beyond ourselves.
  • Rigorously controlling the supply, installation and completion to schedule of all our projects.
  • Promoting the Quality Management Systems and ensuring implementation is achieved by internal auditing, management review, corrective and preventive action.


Everyone in Phionyx & Acfe is responsible for the quality within the company and for maintaining the highest standards of engineering excellence.




_____________________________ 24th OCTOBER  2021

Consulting Director



Juba Ridge 
Accra, Ghana

Our hours

9:00 AM – 4.00 PM
Monday – Friday

Contact us

Phone: +233 24 6672250/+233508446669
Email: support@phionyxandacfe.org